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FAQ - Technical

How long does the credit card authorization process take?

Whether the transaction is approved or declined it usually takes several seconds from the time the consumer clicks the 'purchase' button to the time the consumer and the merchant receive authorization.

How do I integrate my website with PSiGate services?

PSiGate provides an XML interface so your website can process payments transparently and automatically while your customer is still on your site. Using this interface, you may post the transaction data directly to our server from your form or you may post it to a script on your server and then post the data to us from your script. You will need to parse the XML response with either an XML Parser or develop your own code to parse the response data. You are more than welcome to test your implementation of our API with the test account information found within the API packages.

What programming languages can I use to integrate PSiGate?

With PSiGate, it doesn't matter what platform or development language you use as long as you have a live Internet connection and can emulate an HTML form POST using Secure Sockets Layer (SSL). Our XML API is flexible and is operating system independent. Most development languages provide libraries or objects that allow you to do this.

Does PSiGate provide any code samples?

PSiGate provides sample code in a number of different development languages. Please download our API which includes several examples along with the documentation.

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How do I obtain a test account?

Test account information is included within the API documentation.

Does the PSiGate XML API support custom fields?

No, since our API is a direct server call, there is no need to send custom fields.

How are refunds credited to customers?

Refunds are processed either through the integrated API or the PSiGate transaction reporting tool.

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PSiGate is a payment service provider for web site merchant accounts offering secure credit card processing services for e-commerce with fraud protection. PSiGate offers world class credit card processing services, for merchants around the world. PSiGate specializes in e-commerce payment services including both US and Canada merchant accounts and payment gateway services for businesses needing to accept credit card payments or Interac Online debit card payments from its customers. 

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