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IMScart® is an Interactive, On-line, Bilingual, Internet Merchandising System and Shopping Cart for small and medium Internet Merchants and Wholesalers that can be seamlessly integrated into your new or existing website.

IMScart® offers everything from entry-level web store e-commerce functionality to high-end, sophisticated e-business capabilities with its B2B and Wholesaling modules, so you'll never need to worry about outgrowing your solution.

Additional functionality is provided for owners of Hotels/Motels/B&B/Condo's, etc., with the IMScart Hotel Reservation System module enabling guests to confirm their rooms in 'real-time'.

IMScart® is fully integrated with PSiGate's secure payment gateway, allowing for secure real-time, direct-to-bank credit card transactions.


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PSiGate Merchant Services helps Internet merchants establish payment solutions for e-commerce transactions. PSiGate’s expert technical staff can work with your existing partners to integrate our payment processing services, or can recommend partners who have already integrated with PSiGate. We partner with a number of third party eCommerce software providers including shopping carts, storefronts and billing systems.

PSiGate Shopping Cart Software for eCommerce Storefronts - PSiGate ensures you maintain a secure, reliable, cost-effective system for authorizing payment and managing credit card transactions. The PSiGate payment module allows the customer to receive virtually instant notification that a transaction has been processed because it communicates with credit card processors in real time. PsiGate's merchant solution is supported by SSL transaction protocol and allows transactions to be processed via the Internet. Multiple transactions can be processed at the same time, thereby saving valuable time.

PSiGate handles the processing of payments from purchase to deposit. PSiGate servers obtain the credit authorization, screen for fraud, deposit the funds, and provide tracking and reporting of all transactions. Customers can enter their credit card or check data during checkout and be sure that their information is transferred securely to PSiGate to authorize and complete their order.

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