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Technical Support

Technical Support

PSiGate works with you to help you develop and launch your eCommerce enterprise. Our products and services can be deployed on most web servers in any environment, and we are affiliated with several storefront applications. Just let us know which solution you have chosen and we will do our best to make your foray into eCommerce quick and easy.

Integration and API

Merchant solutions are integrated by creating an application or modifying an existing application to incorporate our Application Programming Interfaces (APIs). We provide simple and secure XML or HTML APIs that work in any internet environment. The required data structures are fully described in the XML or HTML posting API technical documentation. You are more than welcome to review and even test with our test account in advance of setting up a PSiGate account.

Click here to download our Real-time HTML API. The Real-time HTML API allows customers to process real-time credit or debit card transactions via a browser to server connection. This API is suggested for integrations that are simple, require PSiGate to collect the card information or require communication to occur over standard ports. Interac Online transactions must be processed through the HTML API.

Click here to download our Real-time XML API. The Real-time XML API allows customers to process real-time credit card transactions via a server to server connection. This API is suggested for integrations that are highly customized, complex, do not require PSiGate to collect credit card information and can afford to occur over dedicated, non-standard ports.

Click here to download our Account Manager API (Recurring Billing service and more). The Account Manager XML API allows merchants to securely store their customer's data within accounts that may be billed later via recurring, installment or immediate charges. Additionally, the API allow merchants to update and query account charges, charge templates, invoices and email reports. This API is suggested for integrations that involve recurring charges (whether or not the amounts vary), trial-based charges, installment charges, and can afford to occur over dedicated, non-standard ports.

Click here to download our PSi3D HTML API (Verified by Visa and MasterCard SecureCode service). The PSi3D HTML API allows merchants to reduce fraud by forcing their customers to associate a PIN with their card and input that PIN for validation prior to the order being accepted.

Click here to download a list of Response Codes that are returned from PSiGate and various processors. This list tells you how to resolve each Real-time response code you may encounter.

Shopping Carts

PSiGate easily integrates with most shopping carts. We are currently integrated in almost 100 shopping carts and storefront software packages including internet storefront solutions, wireless hot-spot software, aviation reservation software, internet billing software, and more.

View a list of compatible shopping carts and storefronts.

Fraud Tools

At PSiGate, we understand the importance of secure and reliable online transaction processing for the long-term growth and profitability of your company. That's why we provide the latest fraud tools to allow our merchants to screen their transactions. Our fraud tools are built into our software and perform a variety of Internet-specific checks that substantially reduce risk of fraud. These checks include Duplicate screening, AVS, CVV-CVV2, GeoIP, Blacklists, Velocity and Frequency checks.

Click here to download our Fraud Prevention Guide

Technical support for PSiGate gateway payments. PSiGate offers an easy eCommerce alternative. PSiGate provides low-cost Canadian Dollar and US Dollar Internet merchant accounts to Canadian merchants and through partnerships with several US banks. PSiGate offers Merchant accounts in Canadian and/or US Dollars for Canadian merchants, Merchant accounts in US Dollars for U.S. merchants and Gateway accounts for both Canadian and/or US merchants.

PSiGate specializes in the integration and deployment of Internet-based, eCommerce payment gateway solutions that enable the automated, secure exchange and transmission of electronic data for the purpose of fulfilling orders and payments and obtaining credit card authorizations.

PSiGate provides Premier Secure Transaction Processing Services that is a world class solution deployed on Sun Solaris, Oracle and Sun Enterprise Servers in a fully redundant, mission critical, clustered configuration. We are able to ensure maximum performance while taking into account power, security, disaster tolerance and bandwidth requirements.

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