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Fraud Tools

PSiGate works hard to continuously provide you and your customers with industry-leading fraud screening tools. Chargebacks can be costly, credit card fraud affects us all and it's important that your customers feel confident that their online purchases are secure. Each purchase on your website must pass the following checkpoints to complete the transaction:

Duplicate Order Check flags identical purchases that may have been made by the customer accidentally submitting their order twice. The system catches and cancels the second duplicate order, ensuring that your customer's credit card is only billed once as they intended when making the purchase, and that you avoid costly chargebacks from their credit card companies.

Address Verification Service (AVS) compares the billing address provided by your customer to the billing address on their credit card account.

Card ID Verification (CVC/CVV2/CID) validates whether or not the customer has the card in their hand by verifying the three or four digit security code on the back of their card.

Visa 3D Secure/MasterCard Secure Code programs are offered by card companies to make their customers feel more secure and confident using their credit cards online. The cardholder selects a password with their credit card company, providing one more piece of information, which verifies that the cardholder is indeed the person making the transaction.

GeoIP Location compares the customer's location to the geographic location assigned to their computer's IP address. For example, if someone is making a purchase on your website and provides a billing address in Canada, but their IP address is in Mexico, the purchase may be fraudulent. This tool allows the system to "red flag" this type of transaction so you can investigate further or cancel it altogether.

Blacklists allow you to block multiple purchase attempts based upon certain criteria. Our merchants have the ability to blacklist fraudulent repeat purchasers based on the following criteria:

  • Blocking specific IP addresses
  • Blocking specific credit card numbers
  • Blocking e-mail domains (i.e. any address at hotmail.com)
  • Blocking specific e-mail addresses
  • Blocking specific countries, cities or regions

Velocity/Frequency Checks work in conjunction with blacklisting and allow you to set the amount of failed purchase attempts a customer can make before they're blocked from making further attempts. If a customer makes too many purchase attempts without success, it may mean that they aren't the cardholder and the transaction could be fraudulent. Behaviours like guessing card numbers and expiry dates with a stack of stolen credit cards are a very common online fraud schemes that target small businesses in particular.

PSiGate has the expertise and solutions to help you and we are willing to work with you to find the right solution for your business.  PSiGate is eCommerce expertise, with a small business specialization.
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