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FAQ - Merchant Accounts

What do I need to do to start using PSiGate's eCommerce solutions for my business?

Complete the Sales Inquiry form on our website or contact our sales team at 1-877-374-9444 option 2.

If you have developed your own eCommerce solution, you can download and implement one of our APIs found here.  If you use or are looking to purchase shopping cart software, click here to confirm if your preferred shopping cart is already integrated with PSiGate.

How long does it take to set up a PSiGate account?

The PSiGate application approval process takes approximately 7-10 business days.

Are online purchases limited to customers in Canada and the US?

No. Our merchants can sell to any valid cardholder in any country provided the transaction meets our merchant's defined fraud settings.

Can a Canadian merchant sell in U.S. dollars?

Yes. Our Canadian merchants have the option to process transactions in Canadian or U.S. Dollars, or both. You simply need a business bank account at any Canadian bank in the same currency as being transacted on the website. You donít lose anything with a currency conversion because we deposit like funds into like accounts.

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Does PSiGate support U.S. merchants?

Yes. PSiGate provides gateway and merchant account services to U.S. businesses. If you already have your own internet merchant account and would like to use our gateway services for your website, contact your merchant account provider to ensure your merchant accounts can be processed through either the Vital or FDMS-Nashville processors.

What company name will appear on my customers' billing statement?

This is a very important point many merchants don't initially consider. Unlike third-party processors, your company name and phone number appears on your customers' billing statements. This adds to your company’s credibility and eliminates any confusion when your customers receive their monthly credit card or bank statement. They expect to see your company name on their billing statement, and PSiGate delivers.

Does PSiGate enforce minimum or maximum transaction amounts?

There are no minimum transaction amount requirements. PSiGate works with each individual merchant to set and establish maximum transaction amount requirements.

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Is a Virtual Terminal/eTerminal included with every PSiGate account?

Yes! Whether your business is reliant on phone orders, mail orders, or you just require the ability to process credit card orders on the spot, our Virtual Terminal/eTerminal is the solution. Our Virtual Terminal/eTerminal is included with every PSiGate online processing solution and can even be used as a standalone solution for merchants that do not have a website.

Are there types of merchants that PSiGate does not accept?

Yes, there are several business types for which we do not offer processing due to the higher risks generally associated with these types of businesses:

  • Adult Sites
  • Internet Gaming
  • Pyramid or MLM Sales
  • Alcohol, Firearms or Drugs
  • Drug Paraphernalia
  • Prepaid telephone services, including calling cards and long distance
  • Good/Services prohibited by law or card associations

If you are unsure whether your type of business falls into one of these categories, please contact PSiGate Sales at 1-877-374-9444 option 2.

Are reports provided with my PSiGate account?

PSiGate provides real-time transaction reporting to each of our merchants including detailed transaction and summary reports. With our reporting tools, you can also confirm shipment of goods (Post-Authorizations), process credits (refunds) and manage your own fraud rules. Our batch reports also provide our merchants with both a summary by card type and transaction detail to help balance accounting records.

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How are merchants notified of successful transactions?

For each transaction, if you do not send your own unique order number, PSiGate assigns a unique order number. By default, PSiGate sends both the merchant and your customer an email receipt upon transaction approval. These receipts will reference the unique order number. These email receipts are also completely merchant configurable.

Merchant Accounts, accept online payments worldwide! PSiGate provides payment gateway and merchant account services to businesses in Canada or the US to sell products and services worldwide.

Our Virtual Terminal / eTerminal is included with every PSiGate online payment processing solution and can even be used as a standalone solution for merchants that do not have a website, but accept phone or mail orders. PSiGate will work with you to provide custom payment processing solutions tailored to your specific needs.

PSiGate offers secure online credit card payment processing and secure e-commerce solutions, including merchant accounts, payment gateways, virtual terminals, supported merchant accounts, recurring payment processing. PSiGate supports Visa and MasterCard for both US and Canadian merchant accounts. PSiGate offers online payment solutions for companies doing business on the internet.

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